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hi everyone!! i’m back with another giveaway, this time (with the help of some of my followers) i decided to give away another 3DS XL!! my previous 3DS giveaway was very popular and it seems like there is a very high demand for them so i’m hoping to make another person happy with it!!

  • a 3DS XL in box (color of choice)
  • an accessories set (headset, carry case, screen protectors, cleaning fabric, extra stylus set, maybe some optional decoration stickers)
  • one game of choice (can be DS or 3DS)
  • ruu's left sock
how to enter:
  • must be following me, follow ruu for +1 entry!!
  • reblog this post (you may like as reference and reblog as many times as you want)
  • make sure you are able to present your legal guardian’s consent in case you’re under 18

click read more for rules, please make sure you read them before entering!!

this will end the 20th of june 2014, good luck and have a nice day!!

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